01 What happens when SHE met HIM.. Girls, watch your steps Beauty
02 Before pump up and kick asses, think... maybe someone just ate something...MURA? MORENA? Choco
03 Ever been in a zoo as a little kid? Don't go again, if you abuse the elefant ElephantRevenge
04 The electronic technologies makes possible things that you never before thought possible GettingFax
05 Oh honey, that was a nice song, thank you.. well, think again... LearnEnglish
06 A copy machine could be a very usefull tool sometimes. Have you ever thought to try this with a fax? Mikado
07 That was a great party... Can anyone tell me her name? Ringa Star? Morning
08 Watch this... and get rid of your paging device... Hey, don't ya have a sense of humor?? Pager
09 Size DOES matter... Worry not, this isn't GoZilla Sumo
10 Classical ten reason why a beer is better than woman. Have a beer! Tuborg
11 Girls, always think twice UnderWater
12 Oh Yes, you are! Oh yes, Oooohhh yeeeessss... yeeees yeeeeeeeess Viagra
13 A practical lesson in cleaning... Windows? WindowCleaner
14 Don't like chalga music? here is the answer AntiChalga
15 Afganistan Olympic Games AfganOlympics

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